Lawn Maintenance

Six-Step Lawn Maintenance

Our six-step lawn maintenance program is designed to develop a strong healthy root system resulting in a thick green lawn. We use a slow-release organic granular fertilizer rather than the less effective synthetic liquid fertilizers. Our granular fertilizer drops to the soil surface so that nutrients can be absorbed where your lawn needs to be fed – through the root system. This provides for a longer-lasting balanced feeding with immediate greening, but without excessive top growth.

Insect and Disease Control

Our technicians will evaluate your property free of charge to determine if insects or diseases are present. When damage is present, we can recommend the most effective treatment for your lawn. Common Sheboygan-area insects include chinch bugs, sod webworms and grubs. These insects feed on your lawn and cause lawns to discolor, become patchy, thin out, and die.

Lawn Cutting

We have provided lawn cutting services for over 20 years to commercial, residential and municipal clients.  Our services include cutting, trimming and blowing walkways.  We also watch for turf diseases and insects, and provide early diagnosis and treatment for problem areas. Because grass growth varies, our employees will monitor your lawn throughout the season and cut only when necessary.

Lawn Core Aeration

Core aeration opens up pore space in your lawn by removing small cores or plugs of soil, creating small holes which provide room for air, water, nutrients, and root growth. This reduces thatch accumulation and improves the depth and extent of your lawn’s root system. After aerifying, the small soil plugs that have been pulled to the surface are left on top of your lawn to act as a topdressing. These plugs will begin to break apart and disappear within a week or two. At that point, your lawn will have already begun forming a stronger root system.


Soil compaction is a significant problem for many lawns. Tightly packed soil with little pore space limits the movement of air, water, and nutrients in the soil and hinders root penetration. This leads to excessive thatch build up. Thatch is a layer of living and dead organic matter between the grass leaves and the soil’s surface. Too much - over 1/2" thick - creates a favorable environment for pests and disease. Power raking removes the choking dead layer of grass, and it is then collected and disposed of.

Lawn Install & Repair

We provide both seed and sod installation for small repair jobs or entire lawns. The process we follow provides the best environment for seed to germinate or sod to root. We help determine the best mixture for your soil, conditions and sun exposure. We can also over-seed grass seed into existing lawns to combat lawn thinning.

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